Murray Ireland

Murray Ireland

Murray Ireland

Systems & Marketing Manager

My mission: Assist Braziers Limited to realise the full potential of the business for my Mother and Business Mentor - Bernice Ireland.

Murray has a passion for technology, business, and property. He knows how it feels having reached his family and business dreams after the sale of his boutique real estate agency

Murray was able to grow value by over 580% during his 10-year growth period. He did this through one of the toughest journeys including; 2008 Real Estate downturn, 2009 GFC, Canterbury Earthquakes to sell at a market peak in 2017. His contribution to business is a combination of experience as a proven business manager with a deep interest in technology, team culture, sales growth and leadership behaviour and how they impacts results.

Murray has been in various roles in New Zealand and overseas for the past 30+ years. He has held positions in IT & General Management in Banking, Oil & Gas, and Real Estate industries. Murray has always had a passion for helping people to achieve results in business and chose the Thexton Consulting model to assist him in being able to pass that knowledge onto others and help them grow and succeed.

Murray has worked inside and alongside businesses giving him an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for Business Owners who are striving for the next level of success. Murray’s expert skills include; program & project management, productivity, HR, leadership, team training, information technology, sales and marketing. Murray understands what it is like to want to build a better future for his family and his business.

Murray’s experience means you will benefit from his skill and experience to maximise the sale price of your business, including the processes, documents, and actions needed prior to the business sale to maximise the buyer purchase price.

Murray is a born and bred Cantabrian, dedicated husband to Caroline and the proud father of two daughters and a son. He divides his spare time as a taxi to his children’s sports and social engagements, loves playing with technology at home, reading non-fiction, and as an ex-player loves to talk rugby.

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