Fixed on Change. Why Tenancy Reform will Benefit New Zealand

19th of September, 2018

I have to agree with David Faulkner in his article below. The majority of the upcoming changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, the Healthy Homes Legislation and the requirements for heating and ventilation are all well overdue in our rental market.


New rules proposed to bring rental homes up to adequate health standards

6th of September, 2018

It is good to see the new government continuing on with the gradual but long-overdue upgrade of NZ's rental stock. Unlike the, "do-it-all-at-once" mentality of the 'doomed-to-fail' 29 point Warrant of Fitness out of Otago University, these obvious measures should eventually bring a minimum standard of accommodation to renters. However what is glaringly obvious, to anyone with landlording experience, is that there are major holes in this regime that haven't yet been thought of.


Chlorine suspected in Christchurch hot water cylinder failures

15th of August, 2018


Hot Water Cylinders Causing Chaos

31st of July, 2018

If anyone has a property that has a cylinder around the age of 25 years or more, it is possible or even likely that the new chlorination regime will assist it to leak earlier than its natural life.


A tiny home solves two very different housing problems

3rd of July, 2018

Here's a wonderful solution to the housing affordability problem. Our team member, Karen, has been buzzing at the prospect of her new home and has had us all very enthusiastically following her progress in this build.It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to lead the way in any innovation so Karen is right in her element. Our NZ houses have become huge, especially for an aging population, so the alternative shown here shows that it is a choice, not a necessity to build so big. With the movable home featured in the below article on Karen's journey, it is likely that others will be motivated to get onto the property ladder, or down-size, in a similar way. Exciting times which we hope others will be motivated by. Go Karen. An inspired choice for many a need.


Banning Letting Fees

26th of March, 2018

By Tony Brazier


Market adjustment no surprise

27th of May, 2015

By Tony Brazier.


Fixing what ain't broke: The law of unintended consequences

12th of March, 2015

Official meddling in the property market creates pressure and new problems, writes Tony Brazier.


Repairs and paperwork key for quake properties

17th of November, 2014

Cantabrians who don't repair their houses will struggle to compete with new homes when they come to sell, writes Tony Brazier.


Danger of too many homes

30th of October, 2014

Christchurch needs more new homes, but an oversupply will affect property values, says realtor and property manager Tony Brazier.