Why Invest in Christchurch Residential Property?

Some, including myself, would argue that Christchurch property is the safest place to live in NZ. Having renovated to the highest levels of compliance, if not totally rebuilt after the 2010/11 earthquakes, Christchurch would have to be the envy of all other cities in its preparedness for any potential disaster.

Add to this the resilience of the rental stock in that our growth hasn't missed a beat even through 12,000 tremors of all shapes and sizes. In 1971 the average house in Christchurch was worth $11,000.  At the start of 2017 it was worth around $460,000 having grown steadily post-quake from just over $300,000. We are a conservative yet strong market, bereft of the flighty ups and downs as other seasonal or hotspot markets can have. In my 30 year career to date, I have never seen a dramatic and crippling slump in our property prices unlike I have seen in other investment avenues.

Ours is a resilient market and, with every new building, every new day of migrants entering for a better lifestyle, every new innovative business start-up we have a fantastic future to offer them as renters and ultimately as investors in our property market.

Through to 2018 we continue to spend $100 million a week on new buildings and infrastructure. Many government departments have wisely been re-located down here ultimately because we have the safest buildings. As the largest city in the South Island it is in the nation's interests that we are touted as the place to settle as the hub of South Island business and offering wonderful lifestyle choices for many and various ages.

Mostly, Christchurch is ideal for investors due to; 1.) Proven track record of capital growth, 2.) Government driven growth of the South Island's largest city, 3.) Building stock which is in the process of being totally brought up to the safest codes, 4.) Attraction of international migrants as we create new and innovative businesses/industries out of our re-birth, and finally, 5.) We offer a wide array of lifestyle activities to keep all and any happy.

Come join us!