Christchurch Property Management Specialists

The success of our business over the last 17 years is simple - we provide a property management service in Christchurch that delights property owners, and continues to bring a high percentage of new business through referrals year after year.

What's behind our service is the knowledge, experience & commitment of our team.

Expert Knowledge

Many of our team are also property owners and investors themselves. As a result, we have practical hands on knowledge that makes it easier to relate to you and your concerns.

In Depth Experience

Managing hundreds of residential properties throughout Christchurch exposes us to a wide range of situations, tenants, tenancy tribunal hearings, repairs and insurance claims. Leveraging this extensive experience can save you both time and money.

Continued Commitment

We strive to improve the service that we offer year after year, often going beyond industry standards. We designed and built our own property management system, as we couldn't find a system that could deliver on the 'Fired Up' service standards we set for ourselves.

In addition, despite the fact that it isn't legally required in New Zealand, all our client monies are kept in a separate trust account that is regularly audited for transparency and security.

We look forward to being able to provide you with the same high quality property management service that delights our clients.  You can sleep easy if Braziers manage your property.