Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Braziers?
  • More Tenants
  • More People
  • More Opportunities

As a landlord we know you are more than capable of managing your own properties. It really comes down to how you wish to utilise your time and what is more dollar-productive to you. Some property investors don't necessarily stop buying due to lack of money, they stop due to a lack of time needed to manage properties.

Our company specialises in the management of residential properties through the Christchurch market and surrounding area - we do nothing else but manage and sell residential investment properties.

It is fair to say that we operate through economies of scale and have a team of property managers and support staff to deal with your property portfolio in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We have the systems in place to maximise the performance of your investment property without your ongoing input.

The number of properties we manage has grown exponentially due to word of mouth from satisfied landlords and tenants.

Can Braziers cope with my business?

We welcome your business and our philosophy of purposely overstaffing means we can absorb extensive growth without incurring 'growing pains'.

There are strong systems in place which our staff are expected to adhere to. On a daily basis we are refining our systems for the benefit of our clients and have a staff member dedicated to dealing with new business.

Can rent arrears and repairs be recovered if my tenant has already vacated?

Yes, an application to the Tenancy Tribunal can be made itemising all the monies due and the debt can be lodged with a debt collection agency after a sealed order has been received from the Tribunal.

If the debt is lodged with a debt collection agency the ex-tenant's credit rating is likely to be adversely affected for a significant period of time.

Can you arrange maintenance on my property?

Yes, we arrange anything from a minor plumbing or electrical repair through to a complete refurbishment.

We utilise independent contractors at competitive rates due to our bulk purchasing power. Importantly apart from cost savings, it means we have the ability to secure contractors at short notice when others can't, this is particularly apparent in a busy building industry.

Can you pay our outgoings?

Yes, we can pay rates, insurance and body corporate fees on your behalf along with any other repairs that may be necessary from time to time.

All expenditure is itemised in the monthly statement we forward to our landlords. These outgoings are paid out of your rental cash flow. A hard file is held for each property and original copies of invoices are held in our filing system.

If we are arranging an extensive refurbishment, it is likely that we will request lump sum contributions to cover the invoices / quotes received.

Can you recommend insurance options?

Most landlords come to us with insurance already in place; however we are able to recommend various brokers who can provide you with options.

From past experience we would suggest that when it comes to insuring the building itself, it is prudent to have a low excess as many claims are no more than $500 and it can be irritating for owners when they wish to make a claim for flood damage, burglary etc and find that it is pointless claiming due to their excess being too high.

Can you sell my property?

Yes our sales division, offers specialist sales assistance at competitive rates.

Braziers Limited MREINZ has a large investor database and as a result has the means at its disposal to facilitate a sale efficiently for you.

Do you do casual letting?

No, our time is spent 100% focused on our management clients' properties.

How do you find tenants?

Central Location
Our centrally located offices are close to bus routes and Cathedral Square meaning we receive a lot of passing traffic seeking different forms of accommodation. There is free parking available on-site.

We have a list of available properties at our reception which is updated 6 days a week. This includes properties that are available now and in the future, meaning properties can be rented well in advance of when they are due to become available, minimising vacancy downtime for our clients.

Company Profile
Our high profile in the market as one of the largest licensed property management operations in Christchurch generates a large amount of inquiry from tenants. Our brand is well known both to tenants and owners. A number of our former tenants are now landlord clients which we think is the best testimonial we can get.

Company Website
High numbers of prospective tenants are attracted to our website as the majority of the people we deal with are computer savvy. We have rented many properties to overseas and out of town based tenants - such is the power of the internet.

Prospective tenants are automatically emailed when new properties become available on our system, thus we often receive qualified inquiry minutes after listing a property. On a consistent basis we expect in excess of 80% of our new tenants to be sourced from the internet each month.

We have an efficient viewing procedure which allows in most cases same day viewing of vacant properties. This is also available to walk-in customers.

Existing Brazier Tenants
Having a large portfolio of managed properties means we often secure tenants for vacant properties from tenants who already exist on our books. We have a record of their payment history and how they look after their property and they know that they are going to receive a good level of service from us.

Other Websites
We subscribe to several other websites and prospective tenants are able to link to our website thereby opening up more and more possibilities.

Prompt Property Viewings
We have a unique computer system developed in-house that allows us to run viewings at any time throughout the day regardless of whether the property manager is available or not.  

Key features of our system are that tenants enjoy same day viewings and we use a team approach where other staff members can book and conduct viewings. Multiple viewings can be run at the same time, maximising the chances of securing tenants.  

We regularly receive positive feedback from prospective tenants for the simplicity and efficiency of our viewing process. 

Many owners, colleagues in the real estate industry and associated professionals refer prospective inquiry to us as they know we are recognised in our field as specialists.

We receive many referrals from tenants recommending us to their friends.

Our static signage presence ensures we receive a healthy level of inquiry from passers-by. We also have many Braziers cars in our fleet that prompt tenants to our website and office.

In July-August 2012 we had almost all of our student properties rented for the 2013-2014 year.   We have systems in place to secure students for the many student properties we manage.  This is done well in advance to maintain continuity of income for our owner clients given the seasonal nature of this niche rental market.

Tenant Database
Our automated system emails details of new listings to tenants who have elected to join our database.

How is rental paid to me?

We make payments to owners electronically, directly in to their nominated bank account on a twice monthly basis. This occurs on the first working day of the month and the first working day after the fifteenth of the month i.e. a payment at the start of the month and a payment mid month.  We can also pay monthly or weekly as required.

Is bigger better?

We believe it is in property management as an individual, no matter how good they are, is unable to be at two places at once.

When your property manager is out of the office or away on leave for example, we are able to show prospective tenants through properties, sign up new tenants for you or deal competently with an inquiry or emergency repair in their absence.

This simply can not be achieved without a superior staff to property ratio and an efficient communication system. We have a team of specialists that support our property managers at all times and our refined systems and procedures ensure that a minimum standard is always maintained.

To ensure there is a personal touch and a simple line of communication, we assign a property manager to you who is responsible for your whole property portfolio.

Is property management tax deductible?

Our fee is a legitimate expense and is therefore tax deductible, just as are rates, insurance, bank interest, body corporate levies, repairs and maintenance - the difference is purely that we can add value to your investment.


We have eliminated voicemail - we don't need it, as we answer the phone.  

Prospective tenants can arrange a property viewing of a vacant or tenanted property (often same day) with one phone call, without the need to involve the property manager. The booking is made on the spot.  Likewise maintenance matters are dealt with promptly even if the property manager is out of the office.  

We have other team members who are capable of assisting in the event that the recipient of the phone call is temporarily unavailable.

What happens if my tenant gets into arrears?

We have a clear arrears policy with zero tolerance shown towards offenders. Arrears are checked daily. We act promptly within the rules outlined by the Residential Tenancies Act. Depending on the stage of the problem this may include:

  • Automated text message
  • 14 day notice
  • Telephone call
  • Mediation
  • Tenancy Tribunal
  • Bailiff
  • Debt collection
What kind of reporting do you provide?

We use specific property management software that provides monthly statements to owners at the start of each month. These statements identify all income and expenditure for the month.

We also provide end of financial year reports that give a comprehensive breakdown, which are ideal for owners and accountants alike. All income and expenditure is fully accounted for through our trust account with daily reconciliations.

We have a dedicated Inspection Coordinator who provides regular routine inspection reports to landlords. These are fully computerised, of a consistently high standard and include photographs.

What sort of bond do you take from the tenant?

The minimum bond we take for managed properties is 4 weeks as this is the most bond that can be requested by law. The bond is lodged with Tenancy Services.

The tenants also pay at least 2 week's rent in advance. So all up the deposit is equivalent to a minimum of 6 weeks rent.

What is your selection process?

We credit check all New Zealand residents and check with previous landlords as to the history of the tenant.

In seeking suitable people, we have a specific tenant profile in mind for each property. It is in our mutual interest that quality people are selected.

Tenants must complete a thorough application form and provide photographic identification.